A Year Of Controversy

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January 19th Kingsport Times-News News published a news article saying Prince likes to go on stage wearing scanty bikini briefs  

February 5th Saint Paul Recorder published a news article - Hometown Artist Sold 3 Million Records Before Age 20

February 19th Rolling Stone published a news article Will The Little Girls Understand?

February 21st Prince's first live performance of the year on USA TV Show Saturday Night Live where he, along with his band, performed Party Up 

February 24th Blues & Soul feature Prince on their cover and publish an article Prince airs his dirty mind 

February 25th Aquarian Night Owl published a news article about Prince in the afternoon 

March 6th Do It All Night / Head is released as a standalone single on 7 & 12 inch formats in the UK  No additional tracks were added to the 12 inch and the release did not feature a picture sleeve. The single did not feature in the UK Singles Chart 

March 8th at Sam's (First Avenue ) The Dirty Mind Tour was showcased. It then throughout the rest of the month and into the first week of April  

April 2nd The Real Paper published a news article  Prince - Vice Is Nice  

May 29th Gotta Stop Messin' About About is released as a single In the UK. This was Prince's first non-album track release - it was to promote his first-ever performance in the UK. The single was released on both 7 and 12 inch formats, and has become one of Prince's most sought after releases  The initial release featured Uptown on the flip with Head added to the 12 inch. The single was even re-issued by WEA Records after Prince's performance at The Lyceum with a completely different picture sleeve and they also substituted Uptown with I Wanna Be Your Lover on both formats  Despite all WEA Records attempts, the single did not chart. In the USA, Gotta Stop was released commercially as a b-side on the 12 inch of Let's Work Gotta Stop. It was also available commercially on a promotional five-track 12 inch, featuring Party Up, Head, When You Were Mine and Uptown.  

May 29th Prince's first European performance at The Paradiso , Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

June  New York Rocker published a news article  Prince: A Dirty Mind Comes Clean

June Rock & Soul published a news article  Prince. Mom’s favorite freak  

June 2nd Prince's first UK show The Lyceum , London, England 

June 3rd Prince performs at Le Palace, Paris, France

June 6th Black Echoes feature Prince on their cover and publish an article Digging the dirt with Prince

June 6th Melody Maker Melody Maker published a news article - Some day your Prince will come: The quiet tittle man with bovine, brown eyes and a whisper of a ’tache stares absent-mindedly out of the hotel window across London’s rainswept rooftops 

June 6th Prince performed a one-off performance at friend and band members Dez Dickerson's wedding  

June 6th NME published a news article - Half a million dirty minds can’t be wrong about this man 

June 6th Sounds published a news article - Posin’ til closin’

June 2oth publish a full page advert for Gotta Stop Messin' About

June 26th  Get It Up / After Hi School ,is released as a single in the USA by The Time. The track was only commercially available on 7 inch; although a 12 inch promotion copy was released in the USA. The single was released in Europe on August 14th, and featured a picture sleeve. This was the first-ever release by another artist to involve Prince. The single reached number 6 on the Billboard Soul Chart.  

July 1st Black Stars published a news article - An intimate interview with an X-rated star

July 1st OOR Magazine published a news article -  Sexverzendhuis Prince

July 29th The Time released their self titled The Time debut album

It reached number 50 on the US Billboard Pop Chart, and number 7 on the Billboard Soul LP’s Chart.  

September 2nd Controversy / When You Were Mine is released commercially only in a 7 inch format in the USA - over 6 weeks prior to the album. On The Billboard Hot Soul Singles Chart, it reached number 3, and number 70 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 

A promotional copy was released on 12 inch featuring a single edit and long version. In the UK both 7 inch and 12 inch formats received a release again with When You Were Mine on the flip side both in picture sleeve. On October 9th In Holland, it was also released on 7 & 12 Inch formats with a picture sleeve which was different to the UK. The track was also released in France on 7 inch with a completely unique sleeve

October 5th Prince performed live again at Sam's showcasing The Controversy Tour    

October 9th and 11th Prince performed supporting The Rolling Stones at The Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, USA  

October 14th The album Controversy is released in the USA  and included a free shower poster. Again as with Dirty Mind, Allen Beaulieu was credited  with photography. It was Alan's concept to have Prince stood in front of newspaper headlines, Alan mocked up the background in his studio ready for the shoot. The release was on vinyl, 8-track and cassette formats. The album reached number 21 on the US Billboard Top LP’s & Tapes Chart and number 3 on the Billboard Soul LP's Chart for 8 consecutive weeks . It was also released in the UK on November 13th, on vinyl and cassette. The vinyl did not containing the free poster.   

October 16th Sexuality / Controversy is released in Europe (Germany) on both 7 and 12 inch formats featuring a unique picture sleeve  The single is also released in Japan on 7 inch in picture sleeve different to the above with lyrics printed on the reverse  Australia also released Sexuality with I Wanna Be Your Lover as a stand alone 7 inch single not in a picture sleeve 

November 20th The Controversy Tour Kicks off at The Stanley Theatre City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and continues to the end of the year .

November 21st Het Vrije Volk published an article  Ik leef nogal sober, behalve op het seksgebied 

November 28th The Time’s second single  Cool Part 1 / Cool  Part 2 enters The Billboard Hot Soul Singles Chart in the USA. The track is only released commercially on 7 inch format, with a 12 inch promotional only vinyl available. In  Europe it gains a release on 7 and 12 inch with After Hi School again on the flip side of the 12 . Both UK versions feature picture sleeves. . 

December 31st Prince performs at The Macon Coliseum City, Georgia, USA as The Controversy Tour continues into 1982   

Unknown Date  Sue Ann Carwell released the single Let Me Let You Rock Me /  Make It Through The Storm under the name Sue Ann on 7 inch in the USA only. The title track was also released as a 12 inch promotional vinyl. Prince wrote the music while the lyrics for Make It Through The Storm were credited to Chris Moon in exchange for Prince getting full credit for My Love Is Forever. The single Let Me Let You Rock Me did not chart.

Sue Ann also released her self-titled album in this year. Again, the release date is unknown.