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Prince & The NPG ‘Diamonds & Pearls’ Deluxe Edition VINYL 4 ALBUM SET 2023

  • Prince & The NPG ‘Diamonds & Pearls’ Deluxe Edition VINYL 4 ALBUM SET 2023

Warner UK

Prince & The NPG ‘Diamonds & Pearls’ Deluxe Edition VINYL 4 ALBUM SET 2023


Format: 4LP

Release Date: 27th October 2023

Paisley Park Enterprises, in Partnership with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Records, announces expanded reissue of Prince & the New Power Generation’s multi-platinum album Diamonds And Pearls. This 4LP Deluxe Edition contains 28 audio tracks, capturing the very most important tracks released by Prince & The New Power Generation in 1991/92.


The Deluxe Edition opens with Prince & The New Power Generation’s multi-platinum album, Diamonds And Pearls, dazzlingly remastered for the very first time by Prince’s original mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. Also included are 15 of the incredible remixes and B-sides from the era, including the never commercially released “Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)” mix, all of which have also been remastered for the very first time.


Diamonds And Pearls is the thirteenth studio album by Prince, and was the first with his new backing band, The New Power Generation. Featuring six massive international singles, including the hits “Gett Off”, “Cream”, and the iconic title track, the album was a worldwide smash reaching multi-platinum status in the USA and the UK, where it remains his best-selling album.

The New Power Generation was a band that Prince believed in so wholeheartedly that he gave them co-credit on the cover of Diamonds And Pearls, something he’d only done previously with one other band, The Revolution. The group consisted of Sonny Thompson (vocals & bass), Damon Dickson (vocals & percussion), Rosie Gaines (vocals & keyboards), Michael Bland (drums), Kirk Johnson (vocals & percussion), Tony M (vocals), Levi Seacer, Jr. (bass, guitar & vocals), and Tommy Barbarella (keyboards).



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Side One

1.       Thunder

2.       Daddy Pop

3.       Diamonds And Pearls


Side Two

1.       Cream

2.       Strollin’

3.       Willing And Able

4.       Gett Off


Side Three

1.       Walk Don’t Walk

2.       Jughead

3.       Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

4.       Push


Side Four

12.     Insatiable

13.     Live 4 Love



Side One

1.       Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)

2.       Gett Off (Houstyle)


Side Two

1.       Violet The Organ Grinder

2.       Gangster Glam

3.       Horny Pony

4.       Cream (N.P.G. Mix)


Side Three

1.       Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M Rap)

2.       Do Your Dance (KC’s Remix)

3.       Insatiable (Edit)

4.       Diamonds And Pearls (Edit)


Side Four

1.       Money Don’t Matter 2 Night (Edit)

2.       Call The Law

3.       Willing And Able (Edit)

4.       Willing And Able (Video Version)

5.       Thunder (DJ Fade)