Prince, Before The Rain ~ Review

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A picture paints a thousand words, so the saying goes. And Prince, a man of few words publicly at least, understood this better than any other artist of his generation. Some of his most iconic imagery comes from the formative period between success and superstardom, and those images were captured by photographer and friend Allen Beaulieu.

Allen’s book Prince, Before The Rain is a unique window into Prince’s world. Beautifully produced and lovingly curated. Before The Rain is a visual Aladdin’s cave. Packed with a mix of live and studio shots, many previously unseen, the intimacy of the images is palpable. No previous Prince book has revealed so much of Prince the man, before the mega stardom, before the rain.
The accompanying text includes contributions from Dez Dickerson, Lisa Coleman, Booby Z and Jim Walsh but it’s Allen’s stories that enthusiasts will find most insightful, giving background and context to the stunning images. Covering the period from 1979 to 1984 (with a few later pictures from 1986), Before The Rain illustrates Prince ’s transition from Doe-eyed disco soul boy, through Punk, New Wave and onto to a style all his own. This book bares witness to the birth of a true icon, loved by millions around the globe.
Published by Minnesota Historical Society Press ( and available via Amazon worldwide, no Prince collection is complete without a copy of Prince, Before The Rain.
The Book Can Be Purchased Direct From The Minnesota Historical Society Press or From All Amazon Platforms 
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