Minneapolis MPLS FUNKY & NICE

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“Right the wrong Hear the song Before long U won't hear nothin' but the crackle of flames Right the wrong” No words we have can fully express how recent events in Minneapolis have made us, as a community, and myself as an individual feel. Feelings of anger and outrage, deep sorrow, and shock. Murder is murder, no matter the uniform being worn or the colour of the victim’s skin “Cut me, cut U, Both the blood is red” Prince told us that the cold in Minneapolis kept out the bad people, sadly it didn’t stop them all.. At times like this we cannot help but wonder what wise words our “Purple Yoda” might have for us? The television broadcast of James Brown’s concert the night after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King in April of 1968 is credited for preventing rioting in Boston, can we imagine a similar event in Minneapolis? It is numbing to realise that 52 years later we are even having to contemplate this question. “Looky here Minneapolis, can U do me a favor' I need 2 hear your voices 2night I wanna check my choir” The images of Minneapolis burning spread like the flames themselves, reaching T.V. screens worldwide. But this isn’t the Minneapolis we know and love. We spend a lot of time telling anyone who will listen what a fantastic a city MPLS is, and that won’t change. As a mix raced couple, we have spent time in all areas of the city, travelled extensively via public transport and have NEVER felt threatened or unsafe. In fact, the saying “Minnesota Nice” in our experience is not just a tourist board cliché, but an accurate description of the warmth and friendliness of the people of the Twin Cities. Minneapolis, we LOVE you, and these are the images of you that we would like the world to see.. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #RIPGeorgeFloyd #MPLS #Minneapolis #MinneapolisStrong





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