Bravado Licence With Prince Estate Comes 2 An End..

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In January 2017 Bravado signed an agreement with the  Prince Estate to serve as their exclusive branding and licensing partner worldwide.

We can exclusively reveal that the Bravado licence will not be renewed when it comes to an end, presumably in January 2020

We do not know the reasoning behind this, and at the time of writing all we have been told that no one currently holds the new licence and we will be informed if and when a new agreement is signed. 

Bravado have stated that all stock of existing merchandise is being run down and nothing will be replenished once it becomes sold out, this is similar to Paisley Park who have also run down their stock and closed their online shop. 

We will endeavour to obtain as much of the existing stock as possible, but as a small independent we can only hold so much, how long stock will remain available for us to supply is unknown at this time. Many lines will go out of stock and when they do they will gone! 

As for future merchandise, we await further news and will let you know as soon as we have anything confirmed. ALL we can say is WATCH THIS SPACE! 



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  • When can I order some Tee’s and How can I place an order?

    Elaine Smith on

  • How can I order some?

    Carlene Ramirez on

  • I’m interested in getting a few t shirts how can I do this

    Simon Briffa on

  • What sizes do you have in Women’s Plus?

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