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One Night Of Queen - Gary Mullen & The Works Official - Review

There is a reason that Gary Mullen and his band The Works have been a successful Queen tribute for 15 years, they recreate the sound of Queen and the late great Freddie Mercury with more accuracy and style than any other Queen tribute out there, to borrow a phrase from Tina Turner, they are Simply The Best!

The band is a tight unit and they handle the challenge of recreating Queen's legendary stadium rock sound in a small theatre environment with ease. Of course, with Queen's vast catalogue any tribute act has the advantage of a whole host of loved and familiar, crowd pleasing tunes to choose from, however few manage to pull them off with the success of Gary and The Works in One Night Of Queen.

Gary Mullen's performance as Freddie is uncanny, not only does he sound exactly like Queens irreplaceable front man but he also has the moves, the attitude and the chat down to perfection. As the two late arrivals to Saturdays night performance will testify after being reprimanded from the stage for their tardiness and told that interval drinks would be 'on them' as punishment "mines a Moet darling, I don't come cheap".

Stone Cold Crazy and Seven Seas of Rye are great additions to a hit laden performance, and the bands live version of Bohemian Rhapsody is superb. Even the Drum and Guitar solo sections had the crowd on their feet, brilliantly performed by Jon Halliwell and David Brockett respectively.
Proof of the magic of Queen was evident in an audience that aged from 7 years to over 70 and an incredible evening was had by all!

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