The Sunday Times Welcome 2... The UK Press

The Sunday Times Welcome 2... The UK Press

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\Welcome 2… The UK Press

As the release of Welcome 2 America nears The Sunday Times Culture magazine gives it a front cover and two-page article written by Johnathan Dean


Prince & Prophet

"Prince was prolific, releasing 39 albums, mostly about sex, sometimes about love.”

Sadly, the article starts with the above statement. Proving that after all this time the UK press has not moved on at all since the eighties, when all the so called 'critics' fixated on was Prince’s sexual side overlooking and missing the many other facets of a multi-talented artist.

Thankfully interviews with Morris Hayes, Elisa Fiorillo and Shelby J (people involved in Welcome 2 America) give us a glimpse of the real Prince at the time of the recording.

“He was like a big kid,” says Elisa Fiorillo she continues “he jumped around a lot, never sat still or slept.”

Morris Hayes offers an insight into the album “He is talking about some hard stuff. The messages are more poignant that ever.”

Somewhat bizarrely the article also quotes the UK artist Tom Jones (who covered Prince’s track Kiss with the group The Art of Noise in 1988). He recounts meeting Prince and thanking him for writing the track, to which Prince replied, “Thanks for recording it”. A polite response when face to face, that sits in juxtaposition to Prince’s known responses to people covering his work.

In review, an interesting article with original artwork.

Welcome 2 America is released on July 30th

If you missed it the Magazine is available HERE

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