Jam & Lewis Release Volume One

Jam & Lewis Release Volume One

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After a friendship and professional collaboration that spans decades, we finally have a “Debut” album from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis!

Volume One was released on July 9th and features a host of guest appearances. As you would expect the Minneapolis Sound is well represented with contributions from The Sounds Of Blackness and of course Morris Day and Jerome Benton. Other artists featured include Mary J Blige, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, The Roots and Babyface.

For those who may not know (where have you been?) Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis rose to mainstream fame as producers, perhaps best known for their work with Janet Jackson, George Michael, Alexander O’Neal and Karyn White.

The duo has produced 16 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hits and 26 Billboard R&B No. 1 hits. They have the distinction of having achieved No. 1 records in three consecutive decades, reaching the top of the charts in the 1980’s 1990’s and 2000s. Add to this 5 Grammy Award wins and this “debut” comes with an outstandingly established pedigree!

Having met during high school in Minneapolis, Jam & Lewis were original members of the band ‘Flyte Time’. A group founded by David Eiland (Saxophone)along with Cynthia Johnson on Lead Vocals (later replaced by Alexander O’Neal) Garry “Jellybean” Johnson on Drums, Tony Johnson on Lead Guitar, Monte Moir and Jimmy “Jam” Harris on Keyboards and Terry Lewis on Bass.

In 1981 band evolved into ‘The Time’ under Prince’s guidance, with another change in the line-up as O’Neal was replaced by Morris Day and Jesse Johnson was added on Guitar. The name Flyte Time, however, stuck with the duo as they would continue to use it as they established their own recording studio & label ‘Flyte Time’ to huge success after their departure from The Time.

Volume One is released on ‘Flyte Time’ and is available and Compact Disc and on most streaming services.

For the Purple Army and lovers of the Minneapolis Sound the standout track has to be “Babylove” featuring Morris Day, Jerome Benton & The Roots. It’s the perfect summertime jam with classic two-handed repertoire from Day & Benton, it would not sound out of place on any of The Time’s historic albums and after the massive success of Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars The Time influenced Uptown Funk in 2014 it is crying out to be a single! Can we start a campaign and beg them to “Release It”?



Sounds Of Blackness

Til I Found You

Mary J. Blige


Boyz II Men

The Next Best Day

Mariah Carey

Somewhat Loved

(There You Go Breakin' My Heart)


He Don't Know Nothin' Bout It

Toni Braxton

Happily Unhappy

Heather Headley

Maybe I've Changed (Or Did You)

Charlie Wilson

Do What I Do


Do It Yourself

Morris Day & Jerome* + The Roots


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