1999 The Album

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On October 27th 1982, Prince's first double album, 1999 was released on vinyl, 8-track and tape cassette In the USA

Although The Revolution name appears on the artwork of the album,only the name Prince is printed on the record labels and all the singles released were also credited to just Prince

The album reached number 9 on the US Billboard Top LP’s & Tapes chart and number 4 on the Billboard Black LPs chart.

A 12-inch was pressed and released to radio stations with three tracks to help promote the album

The album has been certified 4 times platinum by the RIAA, indicating 4 million copies shipped in the USA.

On March 7th 1983, the album was released outside the US, on vinyl and tape cassette but only as a 7-track single album version, both featuring a photograph of Prince rather than the original artwork and no mention of The Revolution

In Portugal the single version was released with the cover colour purple replaced by green including Prince's jacket!

The double version of the album did not receive a release outside of the US until the success of Purple Rain in 1984

In the UK the album was released in its original two album format on November 24th reached number 30 and stayed on the UK Albums Chart for 21 weeks

Upon it's release on Compact Disc the track D.M.S.R was omitted to enable the release to kept to a single disc

Most Compact Disc releases after 1990 seem to include all 11 tracks

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